"windows cannot format this drive....?

Answer Install Windows.After it loads the install files into memory it goes to a screen where you manage the disk.Delete/Create Partitions and Format - full or quickOr if you have a recovery partition do ... Read More »

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I am unable to format my C drive How can I do format and install windows again ?

A. you can't reformat the hard drive inside the oeprating systemB. you can't do it in the bios like some one else said. unless it is part of a raid sequence.c. simply run the operating system resto... Read More »

How to Format the C Drive With Windows 7?

In Windows 7, you can format your C drive without being required to format all the other disk drives, or partitions, on your computer. The Windows 7 installation disc that was included with your co... Read More »

How to Format the C Drive on a Windows XP SP2?

Has something screwed up your C drive? Formatting should be the last option, only if everything else failed (including using a live CD such as Ubuntu). If you think you need that, read this article... Read More »

How do I format a Windows XP disk drive?

PreparationBe sure you have all your software available to reinstall when you are finished formatting. Back up all necessary data on the hard drive by copying it to a different hard drive or a pen ... Read More »