which is good antivirus software for home use ?

Answer Use Kaspersky Antivirus or Kaspersky Internet Security. It is reliable, efficient and cheap. However, if you want freewares (which you asked for), I suggest that you go for AVG Antivirus Free Edition.

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What is the best free home antivirus, antispyware software?

for free scans go to trend micro and checkout housecall. Cleans up viruses and spyware. Very good!

Good free antivirus software?

I strongly recommend Threat fire because it use very little system resources (5 MB RAM). is dramatically different to traditional antivirus software. Normal anti... Read More »

Is McAfee 2013 a good antivirus software?

I don't care for mcafee I got a free 15 months when I bought my dell and I deleted it and went with something else. But it's still ok. Since you are looking for something look at Kaspersky internet... Read More »

Is antivirus software a good idea or baloney?

It is a good idea...There are a lot of viruses out there which a windows defender can't protect you...Btw are you worried about the expense of the anti-virus? There are cheaper and good options ava... Read More »