[ ] where is this [ ] sign on keyboard?

Answer go down from the backspace..

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Why is there a dollar sign on the keyboard, but no cent sign?

The dollar sign is also used in programming language, so it's simply more common. As others have said, there's no need for a specific cent key, although there is an ALT key code for it. ALT + 0162

How can I get the @ sign from my keyboard?

How did you put @ in your question. If I were a betting man, I would say you already know how. People, think about these questions before you answer. Some of these questions are just wasting your t... Read More »

Why is there no division sign on keyboard?

Depends on the keyboard, I actually have the ÷ instead of the / above the numbers on the keypad

Why is there a $ sign on the keyboard but no Cents?

The cents sign is available.Hold down the Alt key and press 1 5 5 on the numeric keypad.¢It's ASCII character 155.Why? Because computers need every available key. Symbols like | and ^ have speci... Read More »