where does Kroger bottled spring water come from?

Answer Niagara Bottling provides Kroger's "store brand" or "private label" bottled water from a number of municipal (tap water) and privately owned (well and natural spring) water sources in the United St... Read More »

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Does bottled water really come from the mysterious spring mountains of the Alps..?

I reckon it's from a chemical plant in south London. Or it could be tap water from a council flat in Peckham...Simples...

Where does Kroger brand purified drinking water come from?

Kroger purified drinking water is bottled by Niagara Bottling in Irvine, California. Niagara sources their water from locally protected wells approximately 540 feet below ground surface. The water ... Read More »

Where does Dasani bottled water come from?

Dasani water, a product of the Coca Cola Company, is bottled using processed water from the municipal water supply of the city where the bottling plant is located. Before bottling, Dasani water is ... Read More »

Where does Poland Spring water come from?

Poland Spring's water comes from deep underground reserves in Maine that are thought to date back thousands of years. The company claims that its waters' light blend of minerals give them a one-of-... Read More »