what is looked at in a federal background check?

Answer The crime a person commits may come back to haunt him when he least expects it. It may have been years, even decades ago, but records still exist and may be accessed at any time in a federal backgr... Read More »

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What is a federal background check?

A federal background check is an FBI identification record that contains a list of an individual's criminal history. The record is from an individual's fingerprint submissions made from arrests, fe... Read More »

How long does a misdemeanor bad check charge in North Carolina show on a criminal background check?

In North Carolina, a misdemeanor charge remains on your criminal record unless removed--or expunged--by the court. Criteria for consideration include your age when the crime was committed (must be ... Read More »

Do background checks include federal convictions?

Depending on the purpose of the background check, it may reveal a federal conviction. Background checks for more informal purposes may only check such things as character references, employment rec... Read More »

How to Do a Background Check?

How to do a Background Check in the United States. This is a helpful guide for anyone seeking a background check for: Potential Tenant, Employer, or for Personal Use.