what is jpeg and fulfom?

Answer JPEG -Joint Photographic Expert GroupMaiba3481

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what is jpeg and fulfom?

JPEG -Joint Photographic Expert GroupMaiba3481

What is the fulfom of computer?

Command Operated Machine Particularly Used for Training ,Education and Research.Actually, Comuter dont have a full form. Computer orginates from the word 'compute' which means 'calculate' which is ... Read More »

What exactly is 'JPEG'?

Basically JPEG is a compression algorithm.So...The computer software examines the picture and turns it into a row of dots [pixels] then it examines each pixel to see how it relates to the adjacent ... Read More »

What does jpeg mean?

JPEG is an acronym for the Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is the committee that developed the standards for the image compression format of the same name. Color images saved in this format... Read More »