what is jpeg and fulfom?

Answer JPEG -Joint Photographic Expert GroupMaiba3481

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what is jpeg and fulfom?

JPEG -Joint Photographic Expert GroupMaiba3481

What is the fulfom of computer?

Command Operated Machine Particularly Used for Training ,Education and Research.Actually, Comuter dont have a full form. Computer orginates from the word 'compute' which means 'calculate' which is ... Read More »

What is JPEG?

It's a format for saving image files. It was created to allow variable amounts of compression -- that is, saving an image using less disk space. Formats like BMP save the RGB codes for each pixel i... Read More »

What exactly is 'JPEG'?

Basically JPEG is a compression algorithm.So...The computer software examines the picture and turns it into a row of dots [pixels] then it examines each pixel to see how it relates to the adjacent ... Read More »