"the dilema over herbal legislation", what do you think of this?

Answer I feel it is a huge step backwards. Many products will disappear from the shelves, and this will be a loss to many.Fortunately Herbal Pharmacies and Herbal practitioners will not be affected under... Read More »

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My blood pressure is 117 over 77 do you think this is low and what should i do?

Hiya Sarah,You are concerned.. maybe a good thing.Have you stopped to think what happens when you go to sleep?What if you didn't breathe properly?What about your heart.. if it skips a beat and you ... Read More »

Do you think a cop would pull you over for this?

Yes they would.They usually dont bother with it when your only over a few miles an hour.I dont know where you live but I havent seen a highway with a 55 mph speed limit in a long time.Just go the s... Read More »

I think i have gonorrhea,is there any drug for this that could be bought over the counter?

Sorry but you need to look up a free clinic in your area.They used to be able to give you a shot of Penicillin, but now there are strains of the disease resistant to Penicillin, Doctor will give yo... Read More »

WITH JUST OVER A WEEK TO GO - Before BB9 Starts - Do You Think This Is The Last - The Very Last We Will Be....?

without even looking at the link suzy i know its about channelle , she's done alright out of her BB experience time for her to do one ...forever see ya channelle would... Read More »