"the dilema over herbal legislation", what do you think of this?

Answer I feel it is a huge step backwards. Many products will disappear from the shelves, and this will be a loss to many.Fortunately Herbal Pharmacies and Herbal practitioners will not be affected under... Read More »

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Bed sheet dilema?

Well, if you fold the top of the sheet/blankets back over the covers around the pillows it should face down to expose the print.Otherwise, if the sheet is broader and longer than the rest of the co... Read More »

Vegetarian dilema?

lol. I never lknew you where a vegi. i think you're having a laugh.

Help! Breastfeeding dilema!!?

I live in the pacific very close to australia and I know how hot it is here. When I was nursing my first-born I had issues with milk supply. I had to drink so much water but even then it was a ch... Read More »'s my dilema... im 19 years old and im 5'9. My weight is 198 lbs...please help?

Not that hard. You know whats healthy, everybody knows whats healthy. Fruits, veggies = healthy. Now the harder healthy choices - you need lean meats like fish and chicken (or nuts, beans, etc for ... Read More »