(teens only)How much would you pay for a milk jug of low quality homemade wine?

Answer I would say $20 , dependng on the precentage of alcohol . But that would be most likeley all I would pay.

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How much sugar is in one gallon of homemade apple wine?

For one gallon of apple wine, two and a half pounds of sugar is needed. The sugar helps sweeten the wine and is added to the 10 pounds of apples, two lemons and one pound of raisins that are also u... Read More »

Can you reuse wine bottle corks when making homemade wine?

Wine bottle corks should not be reused when making homemade wine. Previously used corks have a much higher chance of being cracked or slightly damaged, which can cause the wine to seep through the ... Read More »

How much milk would make you hypercalcemic?

One litre of milk per day is plenty but even so you could safely have two litres per day now and then but not on a regular basis.Two much calcium can lead to calcium kidney stones.

I want to make hot chocolate with milk would anything happen to the milk if i heated it up?

It would get warm ;) Hot chocolate is better when made with milk, go for it!