(teens only)How much would you pay for a milk jug of low quality homemade wine?

Answer I would say $20 , dependng on the precentage of alcohol . But that would be most likeley all I would pay.

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Can you reuse wine bottle corks when making homemade wine?

Wine bottle corks should not be reused when making homemade wine. Previously used corks have a much higher chance of being cracked or slightly damaged, which can cause the wine to seep through the ... Read More »

What quality of wine can I buy for $300?

Best to go to a wine store with staff that is very knowledgable. Wine should be paired with food to make it as good as possible.

What is a good quality red wine for around $30-$40?

You quote two grape varieties. The grape is a small part of the final wine. the vintage is just as importantGo for something French - Bordeaux.Red wines are not sweet but the word dry is not approp... Read More »

Ex smokers onlyhow long have u quit?

2 years and 2 months roughly. I vape though. Since I'm 50 and don't exercise I haven't noticed much. But the phlegm, the cough and the wheez sound in my lungs are gone forever.