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Why are vaccines so important?

Disease prevention is the key to public health. It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Vaccines prevent disease in the people who receive them and protect those who come into contact with...

Why are vaccines important in school systems?

Because whenever there is a group of people together in a small space like classrooms, there is an increased chance of spreading infectious diseases. When more people are immunized against a disease, there i...

How are vaccines important in keeping your body healthy?

Important Reasons for Not Smoking?

Many people find it difficult to quit smoking. However, the risks of smoking make quitting worth the effort. This habit poses many risks such as critical illness, cosmetic drawbacks, and pregnancy complicati...

Reasons Why Computers Are Important?

Computers have revolutionized how we interact with technology to become more productive in the workplace and how we relate to each other. The advent of the personal computer has further influenced how we dis...

Important Reasons for an Annual Checkup?

Annual checkups are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Adults often visit the doctor only when there is a problem. Some illnesses and afflictions can be prevented by the care and advice you receive at...

The Most Important Reasons to Use an Inclined Plane?

Lifting an object straight up into the air requires a certain amount of force, or work. The inclined plane is a simple machine that makes work easier by decreasing the angle at which an object is moved -- in...

Give reasons why lighting is important?

kernel and shell is of importance because it allows the operating system to run.

Write two reasons why roots are important to plants?

SO THEY CAN GROW AND SO THEY CAN GET FOOD AND WATER! anchors plants in the ground and absorb water from the soil!

Can you give 2 reasons why Oprah Winfrey so important?

She went to TSU for radio and television broadcasting.