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How to Trim a Thin Beard?

Beards come in all varieties, just like hair on top of the head. Some beards are thick and curly, some are long and wispy, and others are thin and patchy. Styling a beard is a common hygienic undertaking for...

What should I do with him dress him in my apparel and make him my waiting gentlewoman He that hath a beard is more than a youth and he that hath no beard is less than a man and he that is more t?

I'm thin, like REALLY thin... and i'm neither anorexic nor bulimic... but my cheeck's REALLY chubby...?

ama, kite perlu bersyukur dgn kejadian Allah ye..dgn ini kite akan rase lebih tenang..sesungguhnye ini adalah takdir dan tidak boleh disalahkan oleh sesiape...haha!! XDps...she is my friend and i know her an...

Do I Look Naturally Thin or Anorexic Thin *PICS*?

you are quite thin, but so what? That's your body shape, embrace it. You're tall and thin like a model. The people who started the rumors are jealous of your ability to eat and still be thin. They're the one...

Why do thin girls complain about being thin!!?

There are 3 reasons skinny girls complain about being skinny:1: No one is ever happy with what they got2: Maybe they want u to tell them how great they look3: They have no chest... ;) lol

How to get super thin and super thin legs ?

eat less and healthier. Try running and cardio exercises to lose the fat on your stomach. That's pretty much what I do

So beard or no beard?

Shave or at least trim short...I really dont like kissing guys with lots of facial hair. It is sorta a turn off

How to Use Gel on a Beard?

Using gel on a beard can help keep beard hairs in place and project a well-cared-for appearance. Grooming offers the key to maintaining an attractive beard and avoiding an unkempt look. To present a professi...

Should I Dye My Beard?

Spend an afternoon or weekend creating crafts to give your home a country atmosphere whether you live in a rural area or the big city. Even if your existing decor is modern, a few simple country design eleme...

How to Cut a Beard?

Cutting a beard involves a variety of personal choices. First of all, you may be the type of man who takes comfort in only allowing a professional to perform any maintenance tasks on your facial hair. Or, yo...