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What do you get to eat when you go to McDonald's?

A plain cheesburger happy meal with a chocolate milk!!!

Do you like McDonald?

How to Go to Mcdonald's?

Everyone loves to treat themselves to a tasty McDonald's meal once in a while. Read on to know how to have the best experience while there.

How old do you have to be to get a job at McDonald's?

The minimum age for employment at McDonald's, or any place of business, depends on the state in which you live. Some states permit teens to work from age 14, others at age 16. Some states also require proof ...

How to Eat a McDonald's Big Mac?

Have you ever had that Big Mac experience where all the stuff falls out the back? Well fret no more over your wasted sandwich, because I am here to instruct you on the proper way to eat a Big Mac.

How to Use a Wi-Fi Connection at McDonald's?

McDonald's offers free Wi-Fi connections at more than 11,500 locations, Wi-Fi which can be connected to by using your PDA, laptop and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. In order to connect to McDonald's Wi-Fi you'...

Is Wi-Fi free at McDonald's?

Wi-Fi, or wireless-Internet access, is free at over 11,500 McDonald's locations, according to the company's website. You can determine if a local McDonald's offers free Wi-Fi by calling the store directly, o...

How to Make a McDonald's Big Mac?

Famous from the McDonald's song, the Big Macs has been popular for decades. Burger King currently has a similar sandwich, known as the BK Stacker. Here is a recipe for a McDonald's Big Mac.

Does McDonald's buy their beef in the U.S.?

McDonald's is one of the largest purchasers of U.S. beef and tries to buy locally. However, a shortage of U.S. lean beef causes McDonald's to purchase a small percentage of its beef from Australia and New Ze...

How many grams of fat are in a Big Mac from McDonald's?

There are 29 grams of total fat and 260 calories from fat in a Big Mac from McDonald's. This is equal to 45 percent of the daily recommended allowance and includes 10 grams of saturated fat. There are 540 ca...