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How can I straighten my teeth!!!!!!?

There are only two ways to straighten your teeth.... First is to get braces and since u can't u will have to get those retainer movers. It's where you wear a retainer and eventually switch trainers every so ...

Straighten teeth?

The only way to straighten your teeth yourself is with a hammer. And that will be very painful. I suggest that you get braces or invisa-line.

Can you straighten your teeth by pushing on them?

I used to wonder this too when I was a little girl! But no, you cannot push your teeth into a position that you want them to be in because the amount of force and time that you would have to do this in order...

Will the retainer straighten my teeth?

If you have gaps -- I'd go back. That's not a good sign. And a retainer helps your teeth stay straight after the removal of braces.

Is there anyway to help straighten your teeth other then getting braces?

I'm a dentist.It depends on the extent to which your teeth are "crooked".If the cosmetic defects are relatively minor, then veneers work nicely.If the teeth are severely rotated but there is enough space in ...

How to straighten your teeth without a dentist?

You dont wanna do that. Seriously you could end up in a world of pain. For the sake of answering your question, if some one was so inclined rubber bands could work if worn for a long time period. With period...

How to Straighten Teeth in Photoshop?

Why would you spend money on orthodontics if you can just straighten your teeth in Photoshop? This article will teach you how!

How to straighten teeth without braces?

One way to do it, and this will sound strange, is with a popsicle stick. When I was young, I had my teeth grow behind my baby teeth, and we moved them into place using a popsicle stick.The orthodontist actua...

How to straighten my teeth with out dental work?

With such a big issue as teeth correction ... Unfortunately, there is no way to have the problem corrected without seeing a dentist. I know exactly where you are coming from :o)

My orthodonist told me that he is going to use a retainer to straighten out my top 2 teeth?