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Can I be a translator with one language?

Sure, why not? If you work in a company that needs someone to speak German, there you go! Maybe for the UN, you need more, but there's opportunities for anyone knowing another language. Nancala :) http://www...

Is there a language translator?

It depends on your browser. Intenet Explorer has a free translation function. See the link below for "how to" and be sure you have downloaded the latest Internet Explorer version compatable with your compute...

What is the best language translator?

Corvus is right - there is NO such thing as a good online translator. Translation requires context and a computer doesn't know the different between the word 'fly' (the insect) or 'fly' (on a plane) which re...

What is the best language translator program?

Can someone recommend a program with hungarian language (from/to) ? gnome-translate doesn't have the hungarian language... Many thanks

What Are The Function Of A Language Translator?

To transmit the information, for communication.

Whats the best free language translator on the web?

Is there a translator for foreign language websites?

i use or Source(s):

What is the best language for a future translator to learn?

Depends on where you live and what is the most common second language in your area. Be aware that people who were *raised* bilingual are heavily favored in the industry and if you still haven't even learned ...

Why cant my language translator be use anymore i use imac.?

Elaborate Not enough information for assistance What program What happened etc

Whats the best language translator on the internet?

I don’t know about it for Dutch, but I like and for English to/from Spanish and French. References : ×Ðut¢h•ßoµ× ~I wi§h×× Says: October 18th, 2009 at 4:00 am H...