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Dark or light hair, and bangs or no bangs?

Dark hair with bangs looks alot better, it brings out your natural beauty and makes you look older.

Does my hair look better with or without bangs?

I like the swoop of your bangs growing out, it's very stylish~

How to Dye Only the Bangs of My Hair?

Many people choose to dye only certain sections or strands of their hair and it has become a common trend to dye just your bangs, leaving the rest of your hair au naturale. With a little extra care, dyeing j...

My hair is to thin for bangs?

Well, you could wear a head band, pull them back with a bobby pin, or try to make them go to the side.Next time you get your bangs done get layered bangs that way you won't be able to see your forehead. Good...

How to Get the Appearance of Bangs in Your Hair?

A bang, also known as a fringe, is a section of the hair that hangs over the forehead. You can create the appearance of bangs in your own hair, at home, without having to get it cut. The length and thickness...

How to Cut Your Hair Into Scene Bangs?

The "Scene" style, which is an alternative style widespread in popularity, and also commonly referred to as "Emo" style, is characterized by dark makeup, tight clothing and in particular dark, straight hair ...

How to Do 1950s Pin Up Hair With No Bangs?

The pinup girls of the 1950s mastered glamorous, sexy hair. Consider the ultimate '50's pinup girl: Marilyn Monroe. Whether her hair was short or shoulder-length, her voluminous curls looked effortless, and...

How to Have Scene Hair Without Bangs?

Sometimes, bangs just don't look good on some faces, or maybe, you just don't have the time in the morning to get them looking perfect. If this happens to you, read this article to find the solution.

Hair Rat Roll for Bangs?

For centuries, women have saved their own hair culled from hairbrushes and combs, and formed the resulting mass into a sausage-shaped form called a hair rat. Particularly popular during the 1940s, hair rats ...

How to Cut Bangs in Long Hair?

Adding bangs to long hair adds character and dimension to the hairstyle and learning to cut the hair at home saves time and money. Does this Spark an idea?