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Can I grill frozen ground beef?

of course. They are the same thing, its just that YOU made the patties, not some machine.However, sometimes grilling burgers from frozen makes them shrink more than they would if thawed.

Is it safe to eat Frozen Ground Beef(Unopened) if it is 6 months old Or should I just toss it?

That Sell By date was nullified as soon as you froze the meat. Even if it were freezer burned, it would be safe to eat; freezer burn merely affects the texture and flavor, not the safety. I've already had me...

How long do I cook a frozen beef pot roast?

A pot roast can be cooked directly from the freezer in a crock pot or oven set to 250 degrees F for two to three hours per pound, 10 to 12 hours Crock Pot RoastAsktheMeatMan: Beef Coo...

How long can you keep ground beef in the freezer?

How long can you store browned ground beef in refrigerator?

Probably several days, but the quality would degrade. If you need to store meats for extended periods, you should consider either waiting to buy them till you need them, or package them properly and freeze t...

What can I do with ground beef and ground turkey?

if you have noodles, cream of mushroom soup, and sour cream you can make homemade stroganoff. If you have those items email me and I'll give you the recipe.

How to Tell if Ground Beef Has Gone Bad?

If you have some ground beef sitting in the fridge but you're worried it might have gone bad, how can you tell?

Got a little ground beef...what should I do for dinner?

Get some Bisquick and follow one of the recipes on the box!

How many grams of fat are in 1lb of 10% fat ground beef?

1 pound of raw 10% fat (90% lean) ground beef has about 45 grams of fat; once cooked, it will retain between 36 and 38 grams of fat.By post-cooked weight, 1 pound of cooked 10% fat ground beef can have betwe...

How to Brown Ground Beef?

Browning ground beef is a way to remove the fat from the beef, prior to adding the beef to another dish, such as tacos. There are 2 basic ways to brown ground beef - over the stove and in the microwave. Use ...