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Can you put apart into a sentence?

Yes, you can get travel insurance from nationwide. You can also get a wide variety of other insurance from nationwide.

What does sic mean in a sentence?

"Sic," in a sentence with brackets around it, is an editing term to show readers that what they are reading is how it appeared in the original. "Sic," the Latin word for "thus," is used if there is a grammat...

What Is Sic in a Sentence?

Latin was the spoken language of the ancient Roman Empire for hundreds of years, and still influences language today. Hundreds of English words come from Latin roots, and Latin words are used for many medica...

How to Use Pro Forma in a Sentence?

Pro forma is Latin for "For the sake of the form." It has two definitions according to The first is something that is carried out as a formality. The second is information that is provided in...

How do you use aperture in a sentence?

The aperture of my camera lens will not open!

How would you use the word over in a sentence?

What is a sentence for headphones?

your ears will go all explodie like kablam

How is canonical used in a sentence?

Here are some examples:"Although the Gospel According to Thomas is not one of the canonical books in the New Testament, it can give us some insights into the life of Jesus.""Mark and Jasper played basketball...

How do you use finally in a sentence?

As an adverb which can start at the beginning of a sentence or after a verb to describe an action. He farted finally.etc Finally,he farted.etc

Use aperture in a sentence?

digital has some weird definitions