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Compaq laptop help! wont boot past windows boot manager?

download and run seagate seatoolsrun a quick surface scan only do not run any other tests as this software can erase the disk completely

How to Restore the Boot in a Windows Vista & XP Dual Boot?

It is possible to configure your computer so that you can choose between booting to either the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system at startup. This configuration is called "dual-booting" or "multibo...

If I boot windows on an sdd is anything else sped up besides just the boot time?

The short answer is yes. Anything that requires accessing the disk will be faster. Everything is stored on your disk so it will be copied in to ram faster from a SSD.

How do I make old version of Windows default boot option in Windows 7?

Open the "System" WindowClick on the "Start" button located in the Windows 7 taskbar. Right-click on the option labeled "Computer." Select "Properties" from the drop-down menu and click on it, which will ope...

How to Remove Windows 2000 From a Dual Boot Setup With Windows XP?

Before upgrading to a completely new operating system, some users prefer to "test drive" the operating system using a dual-boot operating system configuration. Setting a computer up to as a dual-boot system ...

How to Use a Windows 98 SE Boot Disk to Repair Windows XP MBR?

The MBR, or master boot record, in Windows XP is the main file on the hard drive that contains the configuration of the entire drive. You can repair this file with a boot disk from Windows 98 SE, provided th...

How to Get Rid of Double Boot on Windows XP 64 and Windows XP 32?

The Windows XP operating system lets you boot more than one operating system on the computer. The option to dual boot is set in the "boot.ini" file. To remove the dual boot startup, use the system settings c...

How do I get Windows to boot from an XP CD?

Insert the CD you want to boot from. Restart your computer. Make note of the key used to enter the BIOS on the splash screen (the first screen that comes on after the beep). Press the key immediately after t...

How to Boot Windows on Mac?

This is what you need to uninstall Mac on your Imac.

How to Boot to DOS in Windows XP?

Want to enter MS-DOS in Windows XP but you just don't know how? This article will teach you how to do so.