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How do you change your birthday on facebook?

For security reason, FB won't let you change you birthyear.Look at…But there is a form you can submit:…

How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook?

If you have entered your date of birth wrong on Facebook, Here is how to change it!

How do I change my birthday on Facebook? on time on update info below the photo cover3.scroll down at right you'll find the option

How do you change your birthday on an ESPN account?

All i can say is.. I hope not. Saw her in person once, shes as hot as she is funny. I dont think she's ever mentioned one in her blogs.

How do you change your birthday setting on your ESPN account?

You can't do it I believe. Making a new account would be the easiest thing to do.Contact ESPN Customer Care. I contacted them and they sent me an email to my email address. They can change it for you. They j...

How to Change Your Birthday Event Date on Facebook?

In addition to updating your status, writing on a friend's wall and sharing photos, Facebook also allows users to create an event invitation for a variety of occasions such as a birthday. If you recently sen...

My current girlfriend gave birth to our daughter on MY birthday! I don't want to share a birthday! Help?

Okay my birthday is coming up I would like to go to benihanas. They offer a free birthday dinner meal.?

You can definitely get a meal there with chicken and vegetables and rice. But the vegetables won't include brocolli -- I hope you like mushrooms.Thirty dollars should be plenty for one of their chicken dinn...

If I hide my birthday on my profile, will Facebook still inform my friends when it is my birthday?

I don't think you should hide your birthday. It will not inform people of your birthday on Facebook if you hide it. And it is very helpful to check someones facebook to find out their birthday. I mean, reall...

Do you have any birthday party ideas for a girl's 15th birthday?

If you got some money to spare, why not walk around town, give those homeless guys some food, a tshirt, a Bible, a toothbrush with toothpaste and soap, doesnt have to be something grand, just something usefu...