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How to Become a Professional Translator and Interpreter?

Achieving a successful career in the field of translation and interpreting is not easy and it requires education, skills, hard work and determination.

How do you get the translator badge on Twitter without being a translator?

Hey!You can't have a badge without being a translator. It's impossible to do that.What is a translator badge and how do I get one?-- We hand out translator badges on your Twitter profile for translation work...

Why Use a Translator?

If translation were simply a matter of plugging in a word for another word, like a code, then the automated translator machines would be all anyone ever needed. However, you have probably noticed that langua...

How to Become a Translator?

Becoming a translator takes practice, skill, and patience with yourself.

How to Choose the Right Translator?

If you are looking for a quality translation or want to hire a good interpreter then take a look at the following tips to make sure you make the right choice. They are general tips irrespective of whose serv...

How to Become a Certified Translator?

Working as a translator can be a challenging and fulfilling career. Translators must be able to convert written or spoken words into other languages. These specialists can work in many places including court...

What's the best translator software? They've got a nice free widget for OS X. The French: J'en ai testé et elles sucent. translated back perfectly.

Is there a language translator?

It depends on your browser. Intenet Explorer has a free translation function. See the link below for "how to" and be sure you have downloaded the latest Internet Explorer version compatable with your compute...

What is the best translator website?

Can I be a translator with one language?

Sure, why not? If you work in a company that needs someone to speak German, there you go! Maybe for the UN, you need more, but there's opportunities for anyone knowing another language. Nancala :) http://www...