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Where and how do you get MMR vaccine as separate vaccines for each disease instead of the combined vaccine for MMR are these vaccines available separately by any manufacturers?

What is the difference between nasal H1N1 vaccines and the injected H1N1 vaccines?

The only real difference is the medium that holds the virus in the vaccine, one is made for injection into muscles and the other is for using as a nasal mist. The current vaccination for H1N1/09 is available...

VACCINES : Would you trust the FDA when they allow this in our flu vaccines?

Stop being dishonest, the US flu vaccines do NOT contain the adjuvant squalene. But perhaps they should? There is very good evidence to show that adjuvants actually make vaccines safer, but I'll get to that ...

What are vaccines?

Vaccines are medicines containing a preparation of weakened or dead microbes of the kind that cause a particular disease, that are administered to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against th...

What is used as vaccines?

Vaccines use a weakened or inert version of the disease, in order to stimulate the body's natural defenses should it come into contact with a more potent form.


I think it is awesome that you are trying to spread the word. Yeah I will also not be vaccinating my kids. I recieved minimal vaccines due to a heart condition, and I am glad. They are not safe... http:/...

What are the vaccines that should be taken after 18?

What are the uses of vaccines?

To prevent an organism from acquiring an infection.

What vaccines should a dog get?

Some vaccines are recommended for most dogs while others depend on your dog's health, living conditions and location. Discuss your dog and local needs with your veterinarian.RabiesAccording to the American V...

What vaccines should your dog have?

The type of vaccinations required to prevent diseases in dogs are often determined by several factors. Each dog should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and vaccination protocols should be thoroughly disc...