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How to Store Your Clothing?

Is your closet a disaster area? Do you need help organizing and cleaning up all the clothing, but how? This article will cover how to properly store your clothing and maybe motivate you to be more organized ...

Name ideas for clothing store!?

i have a friend named tori zimmer anyway tori topstori's thingstori's boutiquetori's touchesforever toritori and cotoricrombietori's fashionclassic toriclassy toritori?tori!omg tori!tori=toriTotally Toritori...

What's ur favorite clothing store?

well it use to be Kohl's, but they have really changed there style of clothing. but it is still my fav!! hard tho...i have trouble finding cute clothes!! i like thrift stores, they normally have cute clothes...

How to Store Velvet Clothing?

Velvet clothing requires special care to keep it looking nice. Just follow this guide.

How to Start a Used Clothing Store?

Selling clothes through a resale or consignment shop can be a great choice for someone who enjoys fashion, merchandising and sales. The market for used clothes and other items is strong, and is a good income...

What is your favorite clothing store ?

How Much Does a Clothing Store Manager Make?

Clothing store managers are responsible for supervising sales staff and ensuring customer satisfaction. They also interview and hire new employees, provide training and draw up staffing schedules. Retail is ...

How to Start a Small Clothing Store?

Starting a small business can be difficult, and opening a clothing store has some additional challenges. Fashion is always changing; image, brand and location all play a very important role for retail clothi...

Is there a Dollies clothing store in Arizona?

Which name sounds best for a new teens clothing store?

i like identity, kiss me, outcast, and vixenhope i helped =]