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Teddy Bear Science Activities?

Science in preschool and Kindergarten needs to be kept simple, but it is not too early for students to begin to explore basic science concepts such as measurement, classifying, estimating, measuring and grap...

Teddy Bear Writing Activities?

Children have a special bond with their teddy bears. You can use this to create a thematic unit for your classroom that include math, science and art lessons. To enhance the study of teddy bears, create nume...

Teddy Bear Activities for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten students gravitate to cuddly teddy bears, which you can incorporate into engaging classroom activities. Using bear stories, songs and edibles provides children with something familiar and fun th...

Elementary School Teddy Bear Roosevelt Activities?

Those adorable stuffed animals that adorn every child's crib got their start with the U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. An avid outdoorsman, he'd gone out on a bear hunt that had been unsuccessful after thr...

How to Accessorize a Teddy Bear at Build A Bear Workshop?

Little teddy bearsDoes your teddy bear look boring and dull without any nice accessories and clothes? These simple steps will show you how to get a nice looking teddy bear.

My teddy bear has the flu?

First, before treating him, you need to wear a mask. Teddy bear flus are highly contagious. Then you need to make sure he's getting plenty of fluids. Dehydration is the leading cause of teddy bear deaths in ...

How to Name a Teddy Bear?

Do you have a teddy bear that doesn't have a name? Do you want to name the teddy bear? If so, keep reading.

How to Look After Your Teddy Bear?

Looking after a teddy bear is a lot of work, but just remember, he/she will like it and will feel loved!

How to Be Your Teddy Bear's BFF?

You want to be your teddy's BFF but you don't know how to? Read this article then!

How to Go out With Your Teddy Bear?

Your teddy bear is your best friend. He will do anything with you.If you're going on a date, a get-together with your friends, or just going somewhere for fun, here's how to have the best time with your tedd...