!!!please urgent help!!!! camera!?

Answer Sorry, but no you can't.

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Help with Video Camera PLEASE!!!! Urgent!?

Hey Tad...I have no idea how to work electronic stuff like that..Sorry..Wish I would help.. I hope you figure it out. I'm sure you will. Hope your day goes good:)

PLEASE HELP, it's urgent! Dropped camera and lens is crooked, won't go back properly...?

Cameras are very delicate pieces of equipment. They can be killed very easily by either dropping them (especially onto something hard with the lens out) or by getting them wet (especially with sea... Read More »

Plse help me.its urgent.please,please?

Dude...SONY is the best TV dont compromise on from authorised showroom or the SONY showroom itself...the picture/sound quality in Sony is unmatched. I have been using Sony for a long tim... Read More »

EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?

don't rely on Richard T.He didn't notice you tried to ring the NHS which they dont have in the USA, dialling 911 will do you a fat lot of good in the UK Richard T.You are obviously disabled (wheel... Read More »