(pic) how can i make my abs bigger?

Answer Alright, I made a routine that got me ripped for summer. Only bad thing is the general rule - Hard to get, Easy to lose.Work them out 5-6 days a week, spread the 2 rest days evenlySit ups only get ... Read More »

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Does a bigger monitor make things in a web page bigger?

DUH!!! Of course. Assuming full screen, 24" is bigger than 20".

How can you lose weight but make your boobs bigger or look bigger?

Answer you will still lose your boobs and butt if you lose weight(for some people)but you can try and do ab workouts and leg workouts to still keep you lean and toned in those areas

How do i make my room look bigger does anyone know a website where they teach u how to make a room bigger?

Neutral tones are especially practical in the world of decoration because their neutrally means they can easily be teamed up with other colors. Warm colors make a room seem smaller and more homey, ... Read More »

Why does my tummy get bigger & bigger even thou I ceased eating rice at night?

try to eat less fatty foods and oily foodsdo exerisicedo yoga