'mysql.agni rotation' Second Life Login Fail?

Answer the question is when will they fix it?I didn't notice anything with money, but my inventory contents started going screwy, things not there etc, then a tp jammed so I logged out, and when I tried t... Read More »

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Sony Blu-ray YouTube Login fail?

I had the same issue on my Sony BDP- S390. On the boards, it seems like it is a wide spread issue on YouTube's end with certain Sony blu-ray products.

I cant able to login facebook when i login it says login with new email and password?

Sounds like your password has been stolen somehow, and those details changed on your account.  Use the forgotten password links on the login page to gain access to your security questions -- hopef... Read More »

What brand of speakers have the longest life or best quality (least likely to fail)?

Bose speakers are the speakers most likely to have the shortest life of any speaker at any price.This is because Bose uses the cheapest lowest quality components in their products to maximize their... Read More »

I want to start the 80 10 10 raw vegan diet for life but im afraid to try it and fail. any tips?

WHy set yourself up with the word failure?There's no rule book. It's not like you kill someone and can't take it back.I eat raw and it's wonderful, but you can eat cooked food on any day if you wan... Read More »