'mysql.agni rotation' Second Life Login Fail?

Answer the question is when will they fix it?I didn't notice anything with money, but my inventory contents started going screwy, things not there etc, then a tp jammed so I logged out, and when I tried t... Read More »

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Sony Blu-ray YouTube Login fail?

I had the same issue on my Sony BDP- S390. On the boards, it seems like it is a wide spread issue on YouTube's end with certain Sony blu-ray products.

I cant able to login facebook when i login it says login with new email and password?

Sounds like your password has been stolen somehow, and those details changed on your account.  Use the forgotten password links on the login page to gain access to your security questions -- hopef... Read More »

Can you a fail drug test from second hand pot smoke?

Lol, no. You can smoke and then pass 3 days later if you really try. You're fine.

: Can second hand marijuana smoke make yhu fail a 10 + 2 drug test ?

It would take an extreme amount of second hand smoke in order for you to fail your drug test. For example, being in a closed car with several cannabis smokers for several hours MAY cause you to fai... Read More »