Question bf.. is dieing...?

Answer Hey Mary Kate S,I can't imagine what you're going through. But my brother was born with an extremely rare heart problem so I've had to go through something similar, and I can understand how scared ... Read More »

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I think i'm dieing!?

Go take an antacid right away.(By the way, the word "dying" is spelled D-Y-I-N-G.)

I think im dieing! please help me.?


No, I would not give my life for you. I don't even think I would give my life to someone I knew. I would however donate bone marrow, a kidney, a lung etc....anything that I could still live without... Read More »

Help me i m dieing..with pain?

well.. its your health.. and if you are that concerned and you had time to ask people here.. then im sure you have enough time to go see a doctor!!