(keyboard) Down arrow doesn't work while other arrows are pressed down?

Answer How to fix a keyboard, here are some sites that will help.… Read More »

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While shutting down my PC, my computer screen got upside down. Is it a virus ?

try pressing CTRl + ALT+ plus signCTRl + ALT+ minus signCTRl + ALT+ pg up signCTRl + ALT+ pg down signit did solve when i had a problem. it is definately a virus attack. run AVG free scanner or un... Read More »

How can I make my erection go down while I'm at work?

Sometimes doctors have to stick needles in and drain the blood out. Alternatively:…

Microsoft Intellitype Pro 6.1 Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000 volume up and down buttons won't work?

Can you cut down carbon arrow shafts?

You can cut carbon arrow shafts. Use a high-speed arrow cutter to prevent splintering and to avoid damaging the delicate skin of carbon arrows. If you don't have your own arrow cutter, take your ca... Read More »