"it's complicated" relationship status on facebook?

Answer Just trying to help you here.It means, don't go near him/her with a ten foot pole!Who would seriously put that on the web, who has class,Integrity, etc.He/She should just not have ticked off the qu... Read More »

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On facebook..... for a relationship therez one that says "its complicated"?

when your not really together with the person, but you want to, and he might want to, but you live too far apart to start something, and you can't just go and say: yay, we're together when you live... Read More »

If someone's facebook status says "In a relationship" but it doesn't say with whom, is it a real relationship?

ya it just means they dont want anyone to know who their dating or the person there in a relationship with doesnt have a facebook.

Relationship status on Facebook?

I will show you step by step on the computer:1) Go to Facebook. Be sure that you are logged in.2) Look at the upper right hand part of the screen. Click on your name. This will bring you to your Fa... Read More »

When to change your facebook status to "in a relationship"?