( irish ) xD?

Answer If you go to the Guinness brewery or a "tourist trap pub" they do. But, real pubs will pour it like any other ale. In fact, asking "where's the shamrock on my Guinness?" will get you labeled as a t... Read More »

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How did the Irish Republican Army affect Irish History?

The actual Irish Republican Army under Michael Collins waged a campaign against the British which ultimately led to the establishment of the Irish Free State. The IRA later waged a war against the ... Read More »

Who led the Irish Republican Army during the Anglo-Irish war?

How to Count to 100 in Irish?

If you are learning the Irish language (or Gaelic), it's handy to know numbers 1-100. This article will help you do just that.

What is the meaning of the name Irish?

The name Irish means "from Ireland." It is a unisex name with an American origin. This name was first given to those who had come from Ireland. Irish can be a first or last name.References:Name Mea... Read More »