(girls only) Masturbation: Do u and when did u start?

Answer Um I don't because I really don't know what that is so........

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What are some good ways for masturbation ( GIRLS ONLY )?

u should be a lesbian and sleep with girls only

How to Start a Girls Only Club?

If you've ever wanted to start a club with your best girl friends, start here!

Did i start my period (girls only)?

Yes. My first period was like that. Your period blood can be a copper brown(old blood), bright or dark red, and purplish black(blood that hasn't been oxygenated). I would say that this is your fir... Read More »

Masturbation (for girls)?

I heard a "statistic" - that 90% of all people, men and women, do...and the 10% that don't are liars. :)