***does the soy coffee frappuccino at star bucks taste good?

Answer taste Latte coffe Organo gold is excellente and 100% organic, do you want samples? write me at

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What’s a good drink at Star Buck without the harsh coffee taste?

The apple cider! Without the caramel. Soooo good!

Which Coffee do you like better Dunkin Donuts or star bucks or your own place!?

I like both Starbucks more than the other although in taste, but yea i still go to DD. Starbucks is too expensive for me. Someone that goes to starbucks daily for coffee, add up all the money they ... Read More »

How to make vegan coffee taste good?

So Delicious Coconut Creamer and real maple syrup for sweetening- by far the best combination I've found!

Why is it coffee doesn't taste good served at home?

Not true. You can prepare coffee, tea and some cool drinks better than any source you get from. Actually coffee and tea taste not so good at many places.