' a b c d......z' Is there any specific order to write like this ?

Answer Not sure what it is that you mean here but if you are referring to teaching children how to learn to write the letters then you should group them by similarities such as:a,c,b,d,o,q,p,g because the... Read More »

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Do you have to be employed for a specific amount of time in order to be pre-approved for a home loan?

It depends on other information like your credit, assets, down payment, etc., but in general, I would need to see at least 30 days worth of pay-stubs. An offer letter (if you have one) would help t... Read More »

What is Wi fi please be specific and write in full detail with example...?

I wanted to answer your question about the UGI that you had. X-rays are harmful to the body they do damage as they penetrate your body. We as medical persons know this but we feel the risk is wort... Read More »

How to Write a Report Detailing Specific Information?

When writing a report detailing specific information, explain a topic by investigating options and recommending solutions. Research reports involve a high level of data collection and analysis. An ... Read More »

How to Write a Letter to My Son's Principal Requesting a Specific Teacher?

If ensuring the best possible education for your children is something you value, you will want a say in who is assigned to teach your child, especially in elementary school. Although many schools ... Read More »