Zune problem! Please read and help!?

Answer I faced similar issues (but not this one) and a full restart really helps.If you're still facing problems, try doing a full reset. Instructions available here: Read More »

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How to Fix the Zune's Problem of Cutting Off?

The Microsoft Zune has a couple of problems. One problem is that it turns off and it won't turn back on! It's not a battery problem. And please don't call Microsoft, you'll just end up wasting your... Read More »

How do I read Word documents in Zune?

Download the Zune eBook CreatorDownload the Zune eBook Creator onto your computer. The Zune eBook Creator allows you to read your Word documents on your Zune player. The Zune eBook Creator also sup... Read More »

HDD Problem (Please Read)?

Hi,just reformat the drive and it will be fine, i think this was the first problem you had. hope this helps you.

Computer problem, please read?

What program(s) are you scanning with? Yes, it makes a difference. Email me if you have too.