Zune problem! Please read and help!?

Answer I faced similar issues (but not this one) and a full restart really helps.If you're still facing problems, try doing a full reset. Instructions available here: Read More »

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Laptop Problem. PLEASE READ AND HELP !! Memory Management ?

Ok..That blah blah blah part? That was the important part. The Blue Screen of Death error... it has a lot of specific information on it. That specific information tells a technician exactly what... Read More »

Please help all computer and printer expertise. Problem with Lexmark. Read on.?

try putting less papers in at the time and make sure their all stacked the same. i found that the HP deskjet F340 is better than my Lexmark. good luck.

Please help me , i got a problem about interview at mcdonalds please please help help thx so much?

go back to the McDonald's and tell them one of the managers called you, you came in but she was not there. Can they please find out who contacted you. There should be only a few managers that are... Read More »

Omg! please help! may have a srioues problem! please help really worried!?

You have a concussion. Go to the doctor immediately.