Zulu Culture and Historical Background?

Answer Fierce warriors may come to mind when you hear talk or read about the Zulu tribe. Although that is true, there is much more to the Zulu culture. Numbering roughly 3 million, they are the largest gr... Read More »

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About the Zulu Culture?

Among the Bantu people of central and southern Africa, the Zulu---people of heaven---are the largest of South Africa's ethnic groups. Zulu culture is distinct from other tribal nations inhabiting t... Read More »

Zulu Culture & History?

The Zulu is an ethnic group of more than 10 million people, as of the 2001 Census. During the 19th century, the Zulu nation was engaged in the Anglo-Zulu War, which was a major confrontation in the... Read More »

Historical Background of Stenography?

Stenography has been in use for many centuries as a convenient method of setting down oral speech at the rapid pace of a speaker. There have been many complex systems of stenography developed, with... Read More »

The Historical Background of Microprocessors?

Considering its size, it's not much of a surprise that we can overlook the microprocessor's contribution to history. This device, however, has enabled the creation of the modern computer, deep spac... Read More »