Zucchini in Hot Temperatures?

Answer Summer squashes include zucchini, crookneck and patty pan squash, all members of he cucurbit family along with cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds, winter squash and melons. Most cucurbits are vining plant... Read More »

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Core 2 Duo CPU Temperatures?

Released on July 27, 2006, the Core 2 Duo is the division of semiconductor manufacturer Intel Corp.'s Core 2 CPU brand that has two cores, or processing units. Each CPU has a maximum temperature, o... Read More »

How to Convert Temperatures?

Many people are under the assumption that converting Fahrenheit measurements to Celsius, and vice versa, is a difficult process that consists of a complex and difficult formula. The conversion is a... Read More »

Automobile Exhaust Temperatures?

The exhaust components of an automobile engine carry gases from the combustion chamber of the engine out of the engine. Extreme high temperatures of exhaust gases can cause long-term damage to the ... Read More »

Tundra Temperatures in the Winter?

A tundra is a treeless plain where temperatures stay cold year-round. A few months of relatively milder temperatures in the summer create a growing season that is too short for trees. Therefore, ve... Read More »