Zucchini Substitutes?

Answer Zucchini is a green vegetable commonly used in soups, stews, sauted as a side dish or even grated and added into breads. If you are sensitive or allergic to zucchini, however, you can replace it in... Read More »

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Are meat substitutes (or "meatless" substitutes) considered to be processed foods?

processed? very much so. very, very much so. i do agree it is a unique product. very strange; not something i'm comfortable with at this point. Fusarium venenatum, grown in vats, (it's not a mu... Read More »

Substitutes for Gear Oil?

When you add gear oil to your manual drive train, it performs four important functions: flushing away contaminants, lubricating moving parts, keeping them cool and protecting them from weather and ... Read More »

Walbro Substitutes?

The American company Walbro Engine Management serves as prominent manufacturer of vehicle engine components--in fact, it stands as the largest manufacturer of carburetors in the world as of 2010. I... Read More »

Substitutes for Ink Fixative?

Fixatives are commonly used by artists to seal their works, bind them securely to surfaces, and preserve ink. Painters sometimes like to finish their pieces with matted or glossy finishes. The most... Read More »