Zone Alarm Spy Blocker?


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What is zone alarm spy blocker?

ZoneAlarm Spy Blocker Toolbar is a spyware and malware website blocker created by Check Point Software Technologies for the PC. Spy Block Toolbar prevents users from accessing websites that could ... Read More »

What does a 32 zone alarm system mean?

It means you can have 32 different "alarm networks" where an alarm can go off in one zone but not the others (each one can be turned on and off). Example: You allow people to move around in one pa... Read More »

Is Zone Alarm necessary with Vista?

On One Hand: Zone AlarmZone Alarm is a security suite that can either be sold as a whole or in parts. Zone Alarm also offers a free firewall, for which the company is most popular. According to a P... Read More »

What is a security system alarm zone?

Security system alarms are designed to set off a warning in a house whenever they sense an intruder or a fire. There are different "zones" of the alarm that correspond to where the sensors are plac... Read More »