Zombie book. food that takes a long time to expire?

Answer I buy whole wheat feed in fifty pound sacks for around $9 now. Whole wheat can be stored for decades like this. You haven't had real biscuits until you've made them with freshly milled wheat.We d... Read More »

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TV takes a long time to turn on?

either its been treated harshly or somthing is internaly wrong with it on the inside so it will regiester..

Where can i find a bakery in Manhattan that takes food stamps?

sorry but my taxes are paying for your food stamps! you don't belong in a bakery!

My pc runs very slow it takes long time to load how do i get it fixed?

Best thing is to add more rams to your PC. RAMS are the easiest to install into your computer. They will definitely increase the speed in your PC. I would recommend getting at least 1 Gig all toget... Read More »

Why does the computer boot but takes a long time to load the operating system?

You probably have a lot of programs set to load when boot your PC. They are listed on the bottom right of your screen. They all they take up a considerable amount of memory. To correct this, go ... Read More »