Zombie Make Up Halloween Tips?

Answer They want to eat your brains, so use yours instead to blend in with the other zombies prowling your street on Halloween. Forget the lame zombie masks and ketchup blood. Get some real gore effects u... Read More »

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How to Make a "Zombie from Mars" Halloween Costume?

Zombie from MarsThis is a Costume in-which I handmade for a Halloween Costume Contest. It might win you or whomever a 1st place or 2nd place Prize.

How to Make a Zombie Punk Halloween Costume?

Many of us have heard that punk died in the seventies. Here are the instructions that explain how to make a zombie punk costume.

How Can I Be a Zombie for Halloween?

A scary zombie costume can be created quickly and easily. With just a few purchased items and some old clothing, you can create a perfect zombie costume to wear on Halloween. For inspiration, check... Read More »

How to Paint a Zombie Face for Halloween?

Paint a face to look like a zombie for Halloween costumes or just for fun. Zombies, referred to as the living dead, have greenish skin. Because face paint is thicker than make-up, you don't have to... Read More »