Zodiac Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Elements of the zodiac and astrological signs work well as tattoos because they serve to express your uniqueness and personal beliefs. Because the zodiac is concerned with intangible supernatural f... Read More »

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Ideas for a Zodiac Tattoo of Scorpio?

Individuals born between October 23 and November 21 are Scorpios. The Scorpio is a water sign and its planet is Pluto. Scorpios are symbolized by the scorpion, the killer with a poisonous sting, an... Read More »

Ideas for a Tattoo With the Capricorn Zodiac Symbol?

A tattoo is forever and should be representative of the person who wears it. Zodiac signs are popular because they represent not only your birth, but a whole set of personality traits. The Capricor... Read More »

Sun Tattoo Ideas?

The sun is something we encounter daily without giving it much thought. While we may not always think about the effect it has on our existence, the sun makes a great tattoo concept because it has m... Read More »

Bad Tattoo Ideas?

A person can express his individuality and personality through tattoo choice, but even a well-thought-out tattoo can spell disaster. Once you get a tattoo it will stay on you for life; removal is a... Read More »