Zits.....very bad plzzz help...?

Answer she is breaking out in these area's because this is where our savaious glands are on our face neck and back and when we use products that don't penatrate to those glands and calm them down then she... Read More »

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Plzzz help help!! Q..about camera and UPS?

No, you will have to go to a UPS store. UPS is a shipper, not a mailing service like the USPS.UPS cannot ship to a PO Box ... only a physical address.

Facebook help plzzz?

20 questions?Fovorite colorFavorite foodWhere were you bornAny siblingsIf you could move anywhere in the world whereWhat would be your dream house/jobHow many kidsAre you religiousDescribe me in 3 ... Read More »

Help on replying a message !! Plzzz?

Don't reply..never reply to your friends parents through a text message. There can be so many miscommunications. If you have to reply just say. "Okay"

Question plzzz answer?

They certainly can. Why did you do such a silly thing?