Zen Room Styles?

Answer Using Zen as a theme to decorate your home requires you to create rooms that are relaxing and simple, that focus on tranquility and peace. Zen is a form of Buddhism that values meditation and inner... Read More »

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Oriental Room Styles?

Oriental, or "Eastern" room styles and decorating elements have been common in Western countries for quite some time. Many Oriental styles and decorative objects blend well with traditional Western... Read More »

Living Room Furniture Styles?

There are many living room furniture styles, and choosing a single style is overwhelming. But if you consider your lifestyle and visit furniture websites and stores, you will realize that you gravi... Read More »

Names of Different Styles of Room Ceilings?

The ceiling of a room may simply be the top of a space, painted a plain white and void of detail. It may also be a decorative element in the room, influencing the style and visual appeal of the spa... Read More »

Contemporary Living Room and Den Styles?

Contemporary design includes a variety of styles that will appear artistic and modern in some aspect. Although the modernism of the room may vary person to person, the thought behind contemporary d... Read More »