Zelda: How to Get the Sword?

Answer In 1987, Nintendo released "The Legend of Zelda," a groundbreaking adventure game for the NES. It was wildly successful and went on to spawn numerous sequels on multiple platforms. In "The Legend o... Read More »

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How to Get the Biggest Sword in Zelda Ocarina of Time?

This is a cool cheat to get the big goron's sword its bigger then the master sword so read on!!!

How to Get the Gilded Sword in Zelda Majora's Mask?

The Gilded Sword is very easy to get, the events leading up to getting your new sword can be complicated however.

How to Get the Biggoron's Sword in the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time?

While the big sub-quest as Child Link in Ocarina of Time is to get ahold of the Mask of Truth, the prime sub-quest as Adult Link is to get the Biggoron's Sword, which is a BIG sword (much bigger th... Read More »

How to Defeat Demise in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword?

Demise is the final boss in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is Ghirahim's master, the leader of the Demon Tribe, and the true form of The Imprisoned. He can be very challenging. This article... Read More »