ZD8000 HP Laptop Specs?

Answer The HP Pavilion ZD8000 is a laptop that, according to, runs most basic programs and has the graphics ability to handle higher-end games such as Half Life 2. On the negative side,... Read More »

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HP Pavilion Zd8000 Specs?

The HP Pavilion zd8000 is a discontinued Hewlett-Packard laptop that was originally introduced in 2004. The notebook PC gave consumers several customizable options, such as their choice of CD/DVD d... Read More »

Would this laptop be good enough to play a game with these requirements (Laptop / game specs inside).?

The short answer to your question is yes. See below for the details.128Mb Ram required, your system has 4GB - Pass500 MHz CPU required, your system has 2.6GHz - PassHD Version of Game:256Mb Ram req... Read More »

Can the docking station for a HP ZD7000 be used on a HP ZD8000?

The docking station for the HP ZD7000 is compatible with all HP notebooks, including the HP ZD8000, that are equipped with at least one USB port and have a screen size of up to 17 inches, according... Read More »

The Average Laptop Specs?

The "average" laptop these days is one that will take you onto the Web quickly and efficiently; one with plenty of hard drive space; and one with plenty of RAM to allow you to multitask efficiently... Read More »