Yule Gifts for Her?

Answer Yule, known as Winter Solstice or the first day of winter, is a time when night and day are equal, and symbolizes the rebirth of the sun. From this point on, the days will be longer. People of the ... Read More »

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What does a Yule log look like?

A Yule log is typically a large, brownish piece of wood (tree trunk or limb, often oak) carefully selected to be part of a Christmas celebration. Yule log also refers to a bÛche de Noël, a cake c... Read More »

Where did the yule log tradition come from?

The tradition of burning a Yule log originated with the ancient European custom of celebrating the annual winter solstice by lighting large bonfires. It was only much later that the practice became... Read More »

How to Make a Yule Tea?

Yule is coming up here's a yule tea usually made by kitchen witches like myself.

Who invented the yule log?

Pagans celebrating the winter solstice invented the yule log. "Yule" was the name given to the 12-day celebration around December 25. The word "yule originate(s) from the Anglo Saxon word for sun a... Read More »