Yoville question - what are magic Sprinkles supposed to do?

Answer They freeze your inventory so you have the time to learn that almost any other game is better.

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How are you supposed to answer this stupid question?

Girl. I had short hair my whole life. I once got mistaken for a guy. And some girl came straight up in my face and told me " your hair is hideous, I think you shouldn't even go to school like that.... Read More »

Does my computer have magic demon powers (serious question!)?

Is your computer old? seems like your computer's electro magnetic field has gone out of control and its effecting the electronic objects near it. so best way would be to set up your modem a bit fa... Read More »

How do you eat after a tooth is pulled Are you supposed to swallow the blood (weird question - LOL)?

First, bite on a tea bag. The tannic acid in it will stop the bleeding. Try not to swallow the blood, you'll get an upset stomach. Don't spit though, that could cause a dry socket. It's gross, but ... Read More »

The pregnant question monitoring stress turned my hair white. How am I supposed to turn it back to brown?