You've just entered a bar, What will it be?

Answer I would start with a beer personally. It really depends on the night ahead though. It's probably best to start with something low in alcohol if the first drink is going to be the first of quite a... Read More »

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A trojan has entered my pc and now it just opens up the log-in page but wont go any further?

boot up--press f8 key till you get to safe modethen it's off to workVIRUS REMOVAL STEPS:this will be long,tedious and frustrating but it needs doing step by stepXP:most nasties are set to reside in... Read More »

I'm facing problem with my 3 yrs old in writing in general,he is just entered KG1 but he don't show any ?

If you want him to learn to write, wait until he's ready. 3 is far too early, he doesn't have the fine motor skills or cognitive development yet to be able to handle it.To assist him along the way... Read More »

What is the weather usually like in the geneva area in january, will there be snow or will it just be cold?

Weather is difficult to predict for any part of the world. However and from my personal experience, it will be around 0 ° C or slightly below, there is a chance to have some snow fall. Compare wit... Read More »

EEEEK my first grey chest hair! Should I buy a bottle of Just For Men, or will a Sharpie work just as well?

Sharpie is the better way to go...but 1 or 2....I think that's hawt...shows you know what you're doing, experience wise...just as long as there aren't any south of the equator, if you catch my drif... Read More »