Youtubers : What software do you use to make a slideshow video?

Answer I tend to use Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, just because I find it the easiest to use. I haven't put any of my slideshow videos on youtube but I also find it easier when making lyrics videos etc b... Read More »

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How do I make a youtube slideshow video with a song?

u just make a video with some pics and audio on windows movie maker.How to use windows movie maker?…If u want to get high quality video for youtube,U can s... Read More »

Youtubers, have you seen this video yet?

I just watched it and that's messed up and pathetic what some people will do to get attention. Sad really they're lives must be so pathetic to do something this low And Ignore ByMr.Gibbs he's just ... Read More »

Slideshow Creating Software?

Many people remember sitting and watching friends or family members put on a slideshow in their homes with a projector. While the pictures may have been great, the presentation didn't allow for muc... Read More »

Good video cameras for Youtubers!!?

Any of the new small HD camcorders are good enough. When you send your video up to YouTube it will convert it into a format it wants, regardless of how good the source is - but the better the sour... Read More »