Youtubers: Do your parents know ?

Answer I'm in.... 2 videos that others have uploaded. No my parents don't know but I was like 16 when the first one went up, and 18 with the other. And since I'm 19 now, I really don't care.Why does it ma... Read More »

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Youtubers, have you seen this video yet?

I just watched it and that's messed up and pathetic what some people will do to get attention. Sad really they're lives must be so pathetic to do something this low And Ignore ByMr.Gibbs he's just ... Read More »

Question for YouTubers!!!:$?

If you send through your inbox (PM) it won't be shown on the video.

Do You Know Any Good Youtubers?

GURL all of my favorite youtubers are there.Try Jacksfilms tho, he-s amazing! also the Fine Brothers