Youtube worries! :) Please answer!?

Answer The Barney theme song.

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Should I leave youtube Please help! 10 points for best answer!?

well i think that if u dislike the youtube videos comments you should leave it. but u say that making videos is your passion so... you have to decide what you prefer. think it like this: will you p... Read More »

What is the funniest video on Youtube ANSWER PLEASE!!?

Chaccaron Maccaron.…Hellll yea!

Promoting YouTube Videos 10 pts to best answer?

Hi,Just post your video on social networking platforms like Facebook and twitter with different titillating titles and you will surely be noticed. Also target only teenagers as middle age guys don'... Read More »

Please answer this..a question about youtube (10 points)?

if you have sent them message and before he reads you blocked him then he can't read the message hope it helps